Monday, April 28, 2008

quality time

once again i find myself under attack by the allergy monster. i have been a non-stop sneezy, itchy, watery, puffy, runny mess all day long... all i need is two more and i'll have my own little collection of dwarves... stuffy... and... achey. excellent.


i came home from work after trying to fight through the haze of mucus and medicine for a couple of hours. now i'm getting in some good quality time with my little scoopcat. we watched a little tv, but mostly we've been reading. well, i have been reading. scoop has been sleeping in the corner. i might join him in a little bit... not in the corner though.


today's birthday girl is harper lee (april 28, 1926), the american writer who won a pulitzer prize for her novel to kill a mockingbird.


elysa said...

I am sniffly, drippy, sneezy mess today too! I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to spring

olivia said...

i think i might be allergic to texas!