Wednesday, April 2, 2008

soul music

today's birthday boy is marvin gaye (april 2, 1939 - april 1, 1984), who was one of the most influential artists of the soul music era. he made some damn good music in his lifetime and because of that he won two grammies.
you can't tell me that you don't dance and sing along when his songs come on the radio - "how sweet it is (to be loved by you)," "i heard it through the grapevine," "ain't no mountain high enough," "let's get it on," and "sexual healing" to name a few. of course, i can't hear "i heard it through the grapevine" without images of the california raisins popping into my brain, but that's good stuff and you know it.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray!! More Mommy music. . .
Love you MTA