Thursday, April 3, 2008

famous do-gooders

i'm not big into celebrity gossip and paparazzi craziness, but i do love to hear about it when celebrities (and other ridiculously rich people) do good things with their extra time and money... i think when you've been so blessed the only thing to do is share and give what you can (hello, karma?). and that goes for non-celebrities too, naturally. (p.s. if you want a daily dose of celebrity-induced warm fuzzies, you should definitely check out

today's birthday girl and celebrity do-gooder is doris day (april 3, 1924). this american-born actress and singer is also a noted animal rights activist! she co-founded actors and others for animals, she actively promotes the humane society's annual spay day, and she has lobbied congress in support of legislation to protect animal rights.

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