Friday, April 25, 2008


when i was in middle school (and partly high school too), i wanted to be a movie star. i took all kinds of theater classes, tried out for school plays, participated in drama tournaments, and even auditioned for an actual movie one time.

it's questionable as to whether or not i can actually act. i never got any lead roles in the school plays. i did play dead woman #2 in our class' production of our town, but i hardly think that counts. i don't recall ever winning any awards in the drama tournaments, even though my team's lipsynch performance of "i will survive" (we included both the cake version and the gloria gaynor version, don't worry) was spectacular. oh, and by the way, i have terrible stage fright.

so whatever. i didn't become a famous actress.

i rediscovered my passion for making art and my love of all things fashion-related. i chased a different dream. and i haven't looked back.

that's the best thing about dreams. you can have as many as you want. they can be as ridiculous and out-of-reach as you like. there are no rules - only endless possibilites.

lots of movie stars are celebrating their birthdays today - happy birthday to al pacino (1940), hank azaria (1964), renee zellweger (1969), and jason lee (1970).

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