Monday, April 14, 2008

a year in the life of a husband and wife

we got married in april 2007 (it was the best wedding ever, and the best decision i ever made)... we went on our amazing honeymoon to paris... we visited my best friend carolyn in boulder, then spent a week in pitkin with alan's parents and grandmother... one of my best friends became a mrs. (in cyprus, and sadly, we couldn't go )... we celebrated the 4-year anniversary of our first date (think messy, messy lettuce wraps at p.f. changs, a bottle of wine, and watching lilo & stitch)...we went to fredricksburg and got the four-wheeler stuck in the mud for like a million hours (we also saw the biggest spiders in the history of ever and managed to ruin two perfectly good pairs of shoes before aunt liz and cooper rescued us from our mucky doom)... we survived alan's ten-day trip to china (the most time we'd ever spent apart in our four years together. it was so so hard but we made it!)... we went to our fifth redskins game together (unfortunately, another L for our favorite team)... another one of my best friends got married (and i got to be a bridesmaid with two of my other best friends!)... i went vegetarian and alan stopped drinking cokes... we went to the state fair and ate corn dogs and drank coke (oops!)... we celebrated our first married halloween... first married thanksgiving... first married christmas (yes we are silly and we get pretty excited about all the "first-married" everythings)... our redskins beat the cowboys in the last game of the season and got a wildcard spot in the playoffs...joe gibbs retired... we survived birthday month (barely)... we graduated to a grown-up vaccuum... the giants won the superbowl... we celebrated our first married valentine's day (with sushi of course!)... my mommy retired... we stood in line forever to vote in the primary... we survived the great blizzard of '08... we finally finally finally got our fancy new tv (finally finally finally)... alan went on a boys-only ski trip with his dad and brother... we drove down to galveston and got on a boat bound for mexico to celebrate our very first year in the life of a husband and wife.

so today is our first birthday, if you will... i can't even believe it's already been a year! and such an eventful one too... but the thing is, it's not about the trips, or the holidays, or the parties. it's about every moment of every day - it's about sunday morning walks, and watching tv together, and laying on the floor talking about nothing, and holding hands, and going to the grocery store, and harassing the cat... it's about having your best friend by your side, to love you and support you, to make you laugh and make you smile, always and forever, no matter what.


elysa said...

you are certainly luck to have an alan in your life

olivia said...

yes ma'am i am! he's the best one ever!