Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dry land

it's taking me a while to get my "land legs" back, but i think i'm starting to get there... alan and i had a really good time on our cruise, mostly eating ourselves stupid and sleeping way more than any grown-up should ever sleep.
don't tell anybody, but we spent our last "fun day at sea" in our cabin watching movies. that's just how we are. some of the spectacular movie offerings shown on the big boat included: big momma's house (umm...), the comebacks (i know, i never heard of it either), p.s. i love you (cry fest), and dan in real life (actually pretty cute).
overall, it was a good anniversary-moon. but we're definitely glad to be back on dry land, living it up at the apartment with scoop!

happy birthday to martin lawrence (april 16, 1965), star of such classics as bad boys, bad boys II, and... big momma's house.

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