Sunday, January 13, 2008

it's so easy being green

i am a hippie. there's no getting around it. i'm a vegetarian, i recycle, i buy organic foods, i use all-natural household products, and i take my very own set of super-cute reusable bags to the store so that i don't have to use plastic ones. ever.

mine are called envirosax, and they can be purchased at or for $34.50, you get a set of 5 eco-friendly bags that roll up neatly into the little carrying case that comes with. seems like a lot to pay for grocery sacks, but i love love love the fact that they can easily fit into almost any of my purses (unlike my bulky canvas bags used to live in the backseat of my car!). and they're so cute that i use them at any store i go to, not just the supermarket. who needs plastic?

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