Monday, January 14, 2008

the library

i suppose this makes me a nerd. but the library has helped me so much in life!

i wasn't a huge fan until i got to college. after i moved out of the dorm, i needed a quiet place to study. i used to go there almost every day, between classes, after classes, whenever. after i met alan, i forced him to go to the library with me. (p.s. i'm pretty sure his gpa went up that semester, even if he did spend half his time passing me notes and playing golf on his phone.)
now that we've both graduated, we don't need to use the library for studying. but we are on a budget (saving up for a house one day), and we do like to read. so a couple weeks ago we went to the public library and got ourselves some very official-looking library cards. no more spending money on books for us! plus, libraries are pretty fancy these days. they have self check-out, and you can renew your books or reserve items online from the comfort of your very own home. now all they need is a starbucks...

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