Saturday, January 26, 2008

sleeping in

it was a crazy week at work this week, and i have to say i was exhasted yesterday. the kind of exhausted where you get home from work and you don't even remember the commute because you pretty much drove home on autopilot. the kind of exhausted where you know you should get up and go to your friend's birthday party (i'm so sorry chelsea!) but you just can't imagine a situation in which you might actually be able to move. the kind of exhausted that allows you to sleep for ten (!) blissfully uninterrupted (!!) hours and wake up at 8:30 (!!!) on a saturday morning.
i'm guessing most people would not consider sleeping till 8:30 on a saturday morning "sleeping in," but if you know me, this is an amazing accomplishment.
for one thing, i'm an eight-hours kind of girl. any more than that and i usually feel like i am wasting precious daylight. i know, i am the most sickening type of morning person. for another thing, i almost never sleep past eight on weekends; it's nearly impossible (please refer to my "alarm clock" post).
but today is the perfect sleeping-in kind of day. it's yucky-looking and cold outside, and so very cozy and warm in my bed... so lovely...

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