Thursday, January 3, 2008


when i was little, you could not pay me to eat spicy food. my dad used to put tabasco on everything. i mean everything. and of course i thought that was pretty much the grossest thing in the whole world ever.

i'm not sure when the change occurred, maybe sometime in college, but now i can't get enough spicy. i think i've been making up for lost time, too -- my husband says i "drink" salsa, and no sushi roll is complete without a heaping glob of wasabi perfection.

oh, and i have also fallen head-over-heels in love with tabasco. on everything. i suppose it runs in the family.

happy birthday, dad!

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Richard said...

Thanks! I enjoyed corned beef hash and eggs for my birthday breakfast, topped with a large dose of Tabasco! And I guess there's a reason they call me "Wasabi boy" at my favorite sushi spot!
Love you,