Monday, January 28, 2008


i am secretly insanely jealous of talented photographers. i love taking pictures, but i am certainly not any good at it, and half the time i forget to take pictures even when i remember to bring my camera. i love to look at beautiful photographs taken by others; to wonder at the many different ways that other people see the world. there is no better way to perfectly capture the absolute essence of a moment. what a wonderful thing to be able to do: to take something so fleeting and create something so lasting...

not trying to be cheesy or anything (i never have to try really...) but my favorites, of course, are our wedding pictures. every once in a while alan and i like to stretch out on the floor and relive the story of our happiest day ever, perfectly documented in a series of heartstopping and laughter-inducing moments. it absolutely never gets old.

photo by scott and tem juarez

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