Sunday, January 6, 2008


yes, i am thankful for ketchup. i know i already posted about condiments, but bear with me.

before tabasco, there was ketchup. my first condiment love -- sweet, tangy, and delicious -- the perfect compliment to almost any food. i used to put it on everything imaginable, and if there was ever any left on my plate, you'd better believe i'd be licking it up.

until i met my now brother-in-law, i had never found anyone who might actually beat me in a ketchup-loving contest, but he is truly the king of ketchup. he puts it on things i had never thought to put ketchup on -- mashed potatos, mac and cheese, thanksgiving turkey, and more. it's inspirational, i suppose i am as thankful for a ketchup-loving-brother-in-law as i am for ketchup.

happy birthday, chris!

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elysa said...

yeah I don't think I can be friends with Chris if he feels the need to ruin mac'n'cheese with ketchup. there's no messin' with cheesy yumminess.