Sunday, January 20, 2008

playoff happiness

well, it's sunday, and you know what that means - football day!
(countdown to superbowl: 14 days)

today i am thankful for the fact that a certain team is no longer in the playoffs, after losing their game last week. now, please know that i don't normally like to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. but you must understand that when this certain team is playing (and winning), my husband is a big ball of stress and fear and every negative emotion you could ever possibly think of. don't worry, i know how ridiculous that is, and i think he does too, but that doesn't change it. so i'm just so thankful that we will be able to sit back and watch football and enjoy it, the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. hooray for football!

updated 1/21/08: i'm so sad that the packers lost last night! i still love you, brett!


Andrea said...

GO GIANTS :D I'm the other fanatical football friend of Elysa :D

elysa said...

in case you have no idea what she is talking about I wrote about you on my other blog last Sunday.