Wednesday, January 9, 2008

joe gibbs

yesterday, hall-of-famer joe gibbs announced his retirement as head coach and team president of the washington redskins. he was an amazing (amazing amazing) coach, and while i'm sad to see him go, i am so thankful for what he has done for the redskins franchise, with an overall record of 154-94 in the regular season and 17-7 in the postseason, not to mention three superbowl wins.

i am thankful that i was able to go to every game he has coached in dallas since his return to the team in 2004, and especially thankful to have been there to see him lead the redskins to victory over the cowboys in dallas in 2005.

i am thankful for his strength and for the way he and his team were able to pull together in 2007 after the tragic loss of sean taylor; thankful that i got to watch them play every game in his honor, and defeat dallas by 21 points in the last game of the season to earn a spot in the playoffs. i know that the 2007 season was an incredibly difficult one for coach gibbs, for the redskins, and for so many fans.

so thank you, joe gibbs. you make me proud to be a redskins fan.

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