Thursday, January 10, 2008

vacation journals

when alan and i go on vacation together, we always like to write down some of the details of our trips so that when we read them later we can remember our adventures. we started this tradition on the first trip we ever took together, to new orleans, when we had been dating for almost a month. we drove there, and on the 9-hour trip back, we started writing down lists: food we ate, places we went, interesting people, favorite this or that... it was fun even writing the lists, and reliving each little memory as we recorded it.

last night, alan and i were looking at the journal from our honeymoon in paris, and it was such a treat. instead of writing about our experiences at the end of our trip, like we usually do, we had taken time time at the end of each day to write down the details of our adventures - from the places we visited and food we ate to the crazy tourists we saw and the songs we sang at the top of our lungs while we were walking home in the pouring rain. it's amazing how many little details had already slipped our minds - like the crazy super stewardesses from the future in line at versailles, and the king-slash-drag queen of sweden (not really) who got special treatment at musee d'orsay... anyway, i'm so thankful for our vacation journals, and for the joy they bring me and my husband when we read them.


elysa said...

that's so cute I had no idea you guys did this. I have a feeling this was your doing to beging with miss creative. are these journals only your trips alone or do you have entries of crazy drunken college roomates throwing up on street corners in New Orleans :D

olivia said...

ohhh if only! but i don't think we did one for that trip... unfortunately i don't really have any trouble remembering that particular moment!