Friday, January 4, 2008

shooting stars

there was a meteor shower in the wee hours of this friday morning. it was supposed to have peaked around 1:40 am, at which point i happen to have been snoozing, oblivious, in my own warm and cozy bed. but at 6:15 it was still dark outside, and i was awake, so i stepped out onto the balcony and looked into the sky. only seconds later, a shooting star streaked across the sky! i think you're supposed to make a wish on a shooting star, but i may have gotten a little excited and so i forgot. i ran inside to wake my hibernating husband and dragged him outside, still half asleep, in pajama pants and dress shoes, to watch the sky with me. we stood out there in the cold and stared upward for about five minutes, seeing nothing.

i read about the meteor shower again afterwards, and it turns out i was pretty fortunate to have seen a shooting star at all, based on my timing and my geographical location.

so this morning i am thankful for my shooting star, and the tiny moment of child-like exhilaration that it brought me.

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