Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a little selfishness, or, hermit day 2008

the holiday marathon tends to leave my husband and me... blissfully exhausted. we spend most of our time during the holidays rushing around to buy presents and make sure we see as many people as possible, which really is wonderful, except that we get so caught up in the holiday craziness that we tend to forget to make time for each other/ourselves.

so on new years day, alan and i resolve to be hermits. we take the first day of the new year off from making other people happy and just make ourselves happy. we don't see anyone else, we don't do anything unless we want to. and we don't let ourselves feel guilty about it, either! sounds a little selfish i suppose, but we love it.

here's how "hermit day" 2008 went: we woke up, ate breakfast, took a nap, went to the mall, came home, worked out, ate dinner, went to bed. (that's the abbreviated version, of course - there was a lot of football mixed up in there too.) we made sure to eat our black-eyed peas, and in general just enjoyed each others' company.

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